Mission Statement

The “Nambucca Web” team is committed to the enhancement of social and economic opportunities throughout the Nambucca Valley by making maximum use of the Internet.

The Internet goes a long way towards overcoming the tyranny of distance. Notwithstanding our remoteness from major population centres, the Internet now gives all of us instant communication with the whole world. Your e-mail messages can reach any corner of the globe within mere seconds. Likewise someone in Sweden may be browsing through your web pages as you read these words! Isn’t it simply amazing?

The Internet now allows businesses in the Nambucca Valley to have a shop-front situated on the busiest highway in the world. It’s called the “world wide web”. You can open your shop door on this busy highway for the price of a good dinner…. a shop-front which can be actively promoting your business even whilst you sleep!

Yes, it’s extremely exciting and just the break country communities like Nambucca Valley need to help level the playing field.

Of course you wouldn’t just open your shop anywhere along the highway. Ideally you’d site it in a Mall which attracts lots of customers, especially those looking for your goods or services. That’s where the “Nambucca Web” can help deliver customers to your door.

The team at Nambucca Web has a vision of the role we can play in order to make the world wide web work effectively for you and our whole community. That vision is backed up by well conceived strategies which are designed to promote the economic and social well-being of the Nambucca Valley community as a whole.

During the years ahead you will be able to observe a month by month blossoming of the “Nambucca Web” website. We are enormously committed to our vision and we have put the necessary financial and management resources into place to achieve this vision.

We welcome the challenge and look forward to earning the respect of all the community. Please support our efforts.

Peter & Michael
The Nambucca Web